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Have you been injured in an accident?  Wow Accident & Injury Center takes care of patients involved in auto and work injuries.  

*Some rules and regulations may apply.  Wow Chiropractic does not currently accept Medicare enrolled individuals as new members.

Wow Chiropractic offers $29 adjustments in Chaska, MN.  Call to schedule your first appointment today!

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Chaska's Wellness & Auto Injury Chiropractor

Wow Chiropractic in Chaska. Auto Accident Chiropractor in Chaska.

Wow Chiropractic and Wow Accident & Injury Centers were created to provide you and your family with the best possible chiropractic experience,  care options, convenience, affordability, and also the quickest results.

Wow Chiropractic

Wow Chiropractic is a specialized chiropractic membership practice which delivers affordable and top quality chiropractic care. 

Unlike most membership practices, we don't use contracts or start up fees.    We are also unlike most chiropractors in that our prices are affordable, each and every visit.  Some chiropractors offer "new patient specials," but you'll be paying top dollar once that special is over.

Why Choose Wow Chiropractic?

-No surprises when it comes to the costs of your care.

-$29 adjustments.

-Money saving packages of adjustments.

​-Adjustments for adults and kids of all ages.

​-A Monthly Unlimited Adjustment Plan covering all needed adjustments in a 30 day period for $69/month.  Affordable family plans are also available.

Wow Chiropractic accepts cash, check, credit cards, debit cards, auto insurance claims, worker's compensation claims, along with HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts). 

We can offer these affordable prices as we do not accept or bill Major Medical Insurance companies, Medicare, or Medicaid.  We choose to do this as a way to eliminate the hassles of insurance billing, co-pays, deductibles, declined reimbursements, or limited insurance coverage for chiropractic care.  Our services were made extremely affordable so that we could provide the care that would best benefit you, not having your insurance plan dictate what's best for you.    

Wow Accidents & Injury Centers

Wow Accident & Injury Centers was created to provide you with the most specific and individualized care plan, following an auto accident or work injury. 

In Minnesota, your entire care plan is typically covered at 100% through your auto insurance claim or through your workers' compensation claim.  This means you can get the care that you need following your injury, without worrying about any out-of-pocket costs.

Wow Accident & Injury Centers is different in that we see one patient (or family) at a time to make sure that your care is our focus.  Most chiropractic offices will be treating a variety of different people, in the same room with you, at the same time as you.  This has the doctor running around trying to take care of everyone.  When you are here, we are 100% focused on your case and on your care. 

Wow Accident and Injury Centers also uses the latest and most effective therapies to get you the best results, including: Y-Axis traction, Pettibon Tendon Ligament and Muscle Stimulation, EMS, ultrasound, spinal traction, vibe plate neuromuscular re-education, arthrostim, wobble chair, trigger point therapy, and head weighting protocols. 

All therapies and modalities are also all performed by our chiropractor, giving you the most thorough and effective treatments possible.  

Wow Accident and Injuries Centers accepts all auto insurance claims along with worker's compensation insurance.  We want to make sure that you receive the best possible results, treatment options, and experience possible, following your injury.

If you are looking for a wellness chiropractor or an auto injury expert near Chaska, read our reviews, and give us a call.

Call (952) 484-7520 today to schedule your first adjustment.  If your call goes to voicemail during our regular business hours, leave a message.  This means that we are with a patient and will return your phone call as soon as we are free.