Wow Chiropractic & Injury Center​​ 

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Dr. Daniel Delf

Wow Chiropractic was created after working in a variety of chiropractic offices.  

Over the past decade, I've worked with different franchises, membership chiropractic offices, and places which specialized in auto and workplace injuries.  I came away with a lot of good and a lot of bad experiences.  

I realized that I could start a practice that would put the patient first.  It would be based upon what works best for the patient, their budgets, their results, and their overall experience.  It would also eliminate the things that affect patient care and their ability to receive regular chiropractic care.

I wanted to create something special and different.  I wanted to create a practice which was affordable for everyone.  A practice where there are no gimmicks, no contracts, and no surprises in your bills.  A place where there are no obligations to receiving care.  And ultimately, I wanted to give the power of choice to the patient in their healthcare.