Wow Chiropractic is not your typical chiropractic office and it was developed to be different on purpose.  

So how is Wow Chiropractic different from all the other chiropractic offices in our area?

-Wow Chiropractic is a specialized chiropractic membership practice which delivers affordable and top quality chiropractic care.  

-Unlike most membership practices, we don't use contracts or start up fees. 

-Our care is affordable, each and every visit.  Some chiropractors use "new patient specials" or "free health talks" to get you in the office,  Once the special is up, you go back to paying their normal prices.

-We see one patient/family in our office at a time.  Meaning our focus is on you and your care.

-We don't use open area adjusting.  This means that your care is private and is not being viewed by people that you don't know.

-We are the only chiropractic office in Chaska that serves patients 6 days per week.  Some offices around here are open only 3-4 days a week (with roughly 20 treating hours available).  We are open close to 50 hours a week, serving our community when most chiropractors are not.  We understand that if you are injured, waiting 3 days for your chiropractor to open again, is not in your best interest when it comes to your recovery.

-Our adjustments/therapies are by appointment only, so you can get in and out without sitting in a waiting room for extended periods of time.

-All therapies and adjustments are done by our chiropractor, not by interns or assistants, for the most consistent care possible.

-We use the latest and most effective therapies to get you the best results, including: Y-Axis traction, Pettibon Tendon Ligament and Muscle Stimulation, EMS, ultrasound, spinal traction, vibe plate neuromuscular re-education, arthrostim, wobble chair, trigger point therapy, and head weighting protocols. 

-We've kept our business overhead low, which means that all the added costs that most chiropractors have (large business loans, franchise fees, expensive retail spaces, gimmicky gadgets, high marketing costs, ect.), won't be added to your costs as a patient. 

-Patients can conveniently text to set up their appointments.

-Wow Chiropractic accepts cash, check, credit cards, debit cards, along with HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts). 

Wow Chiropractic was created to be different.  Experience the difference by scheduling an appointment.  Call (952) 484-7520 today!

Wow Chiropractic & Injury Center​​ 

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